Igor Fomin
An attorney is a friend and counsellor to a person, who, according to his sincere conviction, is always innocent or not so much and not what he is accused of.
A. F. Koni
Igor Fomin

Igor Fomin was born on August 22nd, 1959 in Kyiv city. Igor’s parents were talented and hardworking. Their work, perseverant study at different Universities created a favorable and constructive atmosphere in the family. Larisa Fomina, a teacher and a psychologist, became a good example to follow and human rights defense activity of his father determined the future profession of Igor.

The dream to become an attorney was growing stronger and flourished when he was watching his father every evening, who intrigued Igor with different riddles about criminal cases, the possibility to get to the bottom of the events happening and to help people. Igor started his way to the legal profession after the school in 1976. He worked as a law-enforcement office clerk, a court session secretary and a registrar. Igor Fomin enters Kyiv National University named after Taras Schevchenko law faculty in 1977 and he was called up for military service in the Soviet Army in 1979. He continued his study after the demobilization, combining it with work. He worked for more than 7 years as a lawyer in a large company with the workforce of more than 2000 employees.

Igor Fomin graduated from the University in 1985 and in 1987 he passed a course and started his brilliant career as a professional attorney.

Igor Fomin has handled thousands of criminal cases during his professional practice, provided legal assistance to Embassy of Ukraine in the State of Israel, has taken part in citizens defense with colleagues in the courts of England, the Check Republic, Switzerland, Spain etc.

Igor Fomin, a practicing attorney-at- law, is widely known for his successful defense in public and the most complicated criminal cases. He defended oppositional politicians and state officers such as President L.Kuchma, B.Danilishyn, E.Korniychuk, Y.Lutsenko, S.Arbuzov, I.Kaletnik, Y.Kolobov and others. These headline-making cases go along with cases of simple people whose fates are sometimes even more tragic.